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Www datingnumberone com

Twenty-five, hold up, now twenty-six breakups in a year has got to be some sort of a record, right? Obviously I know the technical answer to that—it doesn’t take a genius to understand that in order to get to number twenty-six, you’ve got to start with number one (not to be confused with “the One”).

If only we got consolation prizes for our breakups, perhaps a new pair of fabulous shoes. All I’m left with is a slew of practice breakups, which should have prepared me for this epic one. And of all the ways I could have met a man, somehow my way was on a reality television show.

Boring conversations aside, let’s be honest, nothing makes a woman want a good-looking man more than other women wanting him too; it’s the basic law of human attraction. Eight weeks of missing my family in the hopes of finding love, and it all came to an end in one maddening conversation under the blistering sun of St. That’s because, apparently, dumping the show’s lead was groundbreaking in the world of reality television, and honesty was refreshingly inspiring to viewers—so much so that I was asked to return for a second shot at love, only this time I would be the lone woman courted and fought over by a sea of hunky men.

This was the moment where sparks would finally be ignited. Kelly all night long and showed me dozens of videos of his old soccer highlights on You Tube. The next eight weeks were going to be the most intense, emotional, and fun of my life, surrounded by hot men and cameras.I took a seat against the window and observed each woman.One had a pillow shoved in the midsection of her dress resembling a baby bump, which I found quite ballsy and slightly uncomfortable given that Number One was a single father.When it was my turn, I stepped out of the limo and began what felt like the longest ten-foot walk of my life.The moment I laid eyes on Number One, I was infatuated.

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Yup, a freaking boy, who just twelve hours ago was the “man” I was engaged to marry. It isn’t as if this is my first failed relationship.

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